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COVID-19 Kamali’i FFA Updates

02/16/2022 – In most Cities and Counties, those who are vaccinated, may opt to not wear a mask unless noted below. Masks are required for unvaccinated individuals in indoor public settings and businesses (examples: retail, restaurants, theaters, family entertainment centers, meetings, state and local government offices serving the public). Fully vaccinated individuals are recommended to continue indoor masking when the risk may be high. Surgical masks or higher-level respirators (e.g., N95s, KN95s, KF94s) with good fit are highly recommended. Please make sure you are aware of who is vaccinated and who is not.

Indoor settings where masks are continued to be required:

On public transit (examples: airplanes, ships, ferries, trains, subways, buses, taxis, and ride-shares) and in transportation hubs (examples: airport, bus terminal, marina, train station, seaport or other port, subway station, or any other area that provides transportation)
Indoors in K-12 school, childcare
Emergency shelters and cooling and heating centers
Healthcare settings
State and local correctional facilities and detention centers
Homeless shelters
Long Term Care Settings & Adult and Senior Care Facilities

For any questions regarding the mask mandate here is the link to the CA Department of Health:


01/05/2022 – The CDPH announced the extension of indoor mask mandates on January 5, 2022, “To ensure that we collectively protect the health and well-being of all Californians; keep schools open for in-person instruction; and allow California’s economy to remain open and thrive, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is requiring masks to be worn in all indoor public settings, irrespective of vaccine status, until February 15, 2022. This requirement will be updated as CDPH continues to assess conditions on an ongoing basis.”


12/14/2021 – The CDPH announced that effective Wednesday, December 15th, “To ensure that we collectively protect the health and well-being of all Californians; keep schools open for in-person instruction; and allow California’s economy to remain open and thrive, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is requiring masks to be worn in all indoor public settings, irrespective of vaccine status, for the next four weeks (December 15, 2021 through January 15, 2022).”

This guidance is effective December 15, 2021, and will supersede all prior face coverings guidance:


06/15/2021 – California is moving Beyond the Blueprint to safely and fully reopen the economy.   As of June 15, 2021, the Governor terminated the executive orders that put into place the Stay Home Order and the Blueprint for a Safer Economy. He also phased out the vast majority of executive actions put in place since March 2020 as part of the pandemic response, leaving a subset of provisions that facilitate the ongoing recovery.

The new public health order effective June 15 supersedes all prior health orders. The order has limited restrictions, only related to masking and mega-events, as well as settings serving children and youth pending an expected update to the K-12 schools guidance by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Restrictions that ended on June 15 include:

  • Physical distancing
  • Capacity limits on businesses
  • County tier system

Read the Governor’s orders: N-07-21 and N-08-21. Find details in the California Department of Public Health’s Beyond the Blueprint for Industry and Business Sectors and the Questions & Answers.


02/16/2021 – Kamali’i Foster Family Agency signs letter of support to Secretary Mark Ghaly and Director Kim Johnson on Vaccines for Resource Parents – Vaccinate Caregivers 2-16-21


12/06/2020 – Regional Stay Home Order – NEW

The Regional Stay Home Order (PDF), announced December 3, 2020, and a supplemental order, signed December 6, 2020, will go into effect at 11:59 PM the day after a region has been announced to have less than 15% ICU availability. The supplemental order clarifies retail operations and goes into effect immediately. They prohibit private gatherings of any size, close sector operations except for critical infrastructure and retail, and require 100% masking and physical distancing in all others.

Once triggered, these orders will remain in effect for at least 3 weeks. After that period, they will be lifted when a region’s projected ICU capacity meets or exceeds 15%. This will be assessed on a weekly basis after the initial 3 week period. Learn more about these orders.

Please continue to reach out to your Agency Social Worker with any questions that you may have pertaining to the youth in your care.


08/25/2020 – It’s back-to-school time and many parents, caregivers, and guardians are faced with new and difficult choices about how their child will return to school in the fall, such as deciding between in-person and virtual learning. As of today, public schools remain closed for in-person learning in the state of California, and some private schools have been granted waivers to open. The state is moving carefully towards reopening in-person instruction, by county, based on local health data.

The CDC has provided a School Decision-Making Tool for Parents, Caregivers, and Guardians to assist with a variety of factors to consider.


08/24/2020 – Governor Newsom released today Executive Order N-75-20 which states the following:

The requirement that each child in foster care receive an in-person medical and dental examination within 30 days of placement, as set forth in in section 31-405.241 of the DSS Manual of Policies and Procedures, is suspended for the purpose of protecting the health and safety of children and others during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the State of Emergency proclaimed in response to COVID-19, each child in foster care shall receive a medical and dental examination no later than 90 calendar days after placement. This suspension shall not affect or delay any child’s access to emergency or otherwise necessary medical and dental care.

Please continue to reach out to your Agency Social Worker with any questions that you may have pertaining to the youth in your care.


08/05/2020 – The California Department of Public Health has released document regarding the Guidance For the Use of Face Coverings.


06/29/2020 – Over the past number of weeks, Riverside and San Diego County have approved the re-opening of many businesses. The County of Riverside has provided guidance for each industry, that compliments and builds off of the State’s guidance.  Businesses are required to follow State and County Guidance, as a demonstrable effort to responsibly re-open business.

Over the past 11+ days, the County of Riverside’s COVID-19 Statistics show a spike in positive test rates, hospitalizations, and ICU occupancy.  As a result, The County of Riverside is on the State’s watch list, meaning the State works closely with the County, daily; to supply guidance and support to help the County reverse our current trend.  As the upward trend of positive cases and hospitalizations continues, the County will pause re-opening more segments of business. And, it may reverse course and ask specific business segments to close again. We will keep you posted.


05/26/2020 – Both Riverside and San Diego County have moved forward to an accelerated stage 2 readiness in opening business’ to the public.  This means that dine-in restaurants and retail stores will begin allowing customers inside.  Also released was notification of places of worship and providers of religious services and cultural ceremonies to once again allow people to congregate with limitations.  This is exciting news and it is nice to know that in doing our part within the guidelines of the stay at home orders things are slowly returning to normal.  With that being said we still do not have any clear guidelines in terms of facilitating family visitations.  You may be asked over the next couple of weeks about your comfortability with having the children in your care participating in visitations.  Please talk to your Agency Social Worker about your feelings and about precautions that we can put into place to ease some of your feelings and the feelings of those with whom they may be visiting.  We continue to staff the office with administration and our social workers continue to be available to you by phone.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.  We want to be available to you all during these times.


05/01/2020 – Riverside and San Diego County’s current health order prohibiting gatherings outside the home expired April 30.  Beginning May 1, both county will fall solely under the governor’s stay at home order as it pertains to gatherings.  The governor’s order states that all California residents must stay home unless they are engaged in an essential business or activity, such as grocery shopping or visiting the doctor.  The newly amended health orders continues to allow for certain recreational activities, including the use of trails, parks and beaches for hiking, biking, equestrian uses and water activities away from the shore such as surfing and body boarding.  Golf is also permitted in both Counties with certain limitations.  This amended health order continues to require face coverings and a six-foot social distance.


04/15/2020 – Governor Gavin Newsom announced on April 13, 2020, new investments aimed at protecting at-risk and children in foster care who are impacted by COVID-19.  The $42 million in funding over the next three months is intended to support foster children and reduce child abuse.  Financial support that may assist our Resource Families and the children that they work with fall under the “$1.7 million in Additional Support for Resource Families impacted by COVID-19”.  We are waiting for an All County Letter that better explains in detail, however it is expected that FFA Resource Parents will be eligible to receive the ISFC rate for the following situations, regardless if a Level of Care (LOC) determination has been completed.  The increased rate can be used if the foster child or NMD has been exposed or presents symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, or if another member of the household, (i.e. another child in the home, the resource parent, another adult in the home) requires isolation or quarantine due to COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19.  We will continue to keep you informed as information is released. 

Please continue to be contact with your Agency Social Worker should you feel that a member of your household presents any symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19.


04/06/2020 – Effective Sunday April 5, 2020 Dr. Cameron Kiser, our Public Health Officer released an amendment to Governor Gavin Newsom’s Executive Order-N-33-20.  The amendment specifically addresses gatherings in public places and wearing protective face coverings.

Further information is being released from the State specific to Resource Families in regards to placement preservation guidance in the event a child or care provider is exposed to COVID-19 ACL 20-33 and recommendations and best practices for providers related to COVID-19 PIN 20-06-CRP.

Our Resource Families will be receiving in the mail a Resource Parent Emergency File that needs to be kept in the home at all times.  This is a new requirement by Community Care Licensing and will be check for should they come out to any of our homes.  This file should be updated with information as children enter and exit the home.  Your Agency Social Worker will go over this with you should you have any questions.

We continue to have an administrator available at the office Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm.  If you have any questions or concerns please continue to reach out to your Agency Social Worker or call the office.


03/30/2020 – Several questions have been asked recently “What do I do if one of my foster youth become sick with the coronavirus?” “What do I do if I become sick with the coronavirus?” To answer these questions we feel it best to leave it to the experts at the Center for Disease Control.

What to Do if You Are Sick

Caring For Someone At Home

Community Care Licensing (CCL) has issued Provider Information Notice 20-02-CRP that requires us to report to CCL outbreaks that occur within our homes. So if anyone has reason to suspect an outbreak of COVID-19 in your home we are asking that you contact us immediately.  We have until the next working day to phone in reports and submit a written report within seven days. (Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations, 80061(a)(H), 86561(a)(5), and 89361 (a)(5).)

So please keep us informed as we do our best to keep you informed. Remember…..

We are all in this together!!


03/20/2020 – Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive-Order-N-33-20 on Thursday, March 19, 2020 calling for all Californians to stay home or at their place of residence, except as needed to maintain the continuity of operations of the federal critical infrastructure sectors.  Services provided by Kamali’i FFA fall under the category of “Essential Services” therefore we will continue to provide services to our Resource Families.  We are currently able to provide services remotely through teleconference and telehealth.  Our office will continue to be staffed by an Administrator Monday – Friday during regular business hours.  Please continue to communicate with Agency staff if you have any questions pertaining to visitations, Court hearings or scheduled appointments.


03/18/2020 – In response to the current situation surrounding the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Kamali’i Foster Family Agency will be maintaining our current hours of operation Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm. The office will be staffed at minimum with one program administrator daily until further notice.  Community Care Licensing and placement agencies will still be able to reach the FFA at its normal daytime and after-hours phone numbers.  In case of emergency please call us at (951) 459-7240.

The office will be staffed by Program Administration daily until further notice.  Community Care Licensing and placement agencies will still be able to reach the FFA at its normal daytime and after-hours phone numbers.  We are allowing our Agency Social Workers and Life Coaches to telecommute and to use technology to conduct in-home visits instead of going in person, which includes, but is not limited to, phone calls, video-chatting, FaceTime, Slype, Zoom, etc.

Our Counseling Center staff have been working with Riverside University Health Systems to allow for us to provide telehealth services to our current clients rather than having them come into the office.

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