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Standing in Solidarity

Dear Kamali’i Staff, Families and Colleagues,

The time for change… is now.  Social movements around the country are calling for the recognition of humanity in one another.  Black and Brown lives not only matter, but are essential to supporting thriving, dynamic and inclusive communities in California and across the nation.  Kamali’i Foster Family Agency acknowledges and stands in solidarity with those who fight against all manners of racism, xenophobia, the unlawful killing of Black people, racial profiling, police brutality and racial inequality in the criminal justice system.  We understand that crisis is felt at both the individual and collective levels; it is important to recognize no one should have to bear such burdens alone.  Kamali’i Foster Family Agency releases this statement of solidarity with our community at this time of significant social, political, and ideological change.

We stand with a community that demands a better world and stands to better our collective future.  We support action within the Agency by providing training, continuing dialogues, and engaging in collaborative efforts.  We are committed to assisting all people in using their voice to attain social, economic and personal justice.

Kamali’i Foster Family Agency remains open to everyone regarding any and all opinions, and to help facilitate difficult discussions. We do not have all the answers, but our goal is to let you know that we stand ready to proactively, peacefully and productively engage in creating positive change.  For all of us it is a time to stand up and invest in change.  As the CEO of Kamali’i Foster Family Agency I have chosen to question how our organization contributes to status quo responses regarding the health equity of Black and Brown people, and how we can join across our programs to eliminate structural impediments to justice, safety and improved quality of life.  As an agency we will stand together to address social justice and race equity in order to build a better tomorrow for all children, youth, young adults, and their families.

Standing in Solidarity,

Eric Mortensen – CEO/Program Director


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