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5 Harmless Pranks to Keep the Whole Family Laughing

April Fool’s Day only comes once a year, but pranks can be fun for the whole family all 365 days! Keeping the pranks family-friendly and harmless, but hilarious is the perfect way to get the whole family involved in making jokes and having a blast. Remember to keep the pranks balanced between the parents and the kids, so nobody feels picked on!

1. Food Coloring in Your Milk

A few drops of food coloring in a gallon of milk doesn’t change anything but the color! This works especially well if you have a carton of milk that is not see-through. When your kids (or significant other) pour themselves a bowl of cereal, they’ll be shocked by the brightly colored milk. Extra hilarious for you if you get to see their reaction! 

2. Fake Cake

This one is perfect for your family with a sweet tooth. Bake a real cake (by yourself) and set it in the fridge to cool. While the cake is cooling, take a few sponges of the same shape and size and decorate them with frosting. See the shock on your family’s face when they bite into a frosting-covered sponge and have the real cake ready as an apology.

3. One Shoe’s Too Small

Take one of your family member’s favorite pairs of shoes, and stuff the toe of one of the shoes with paper towels, wool, or tissue paper. When they pull their shoes on, they’ll wonder why one shoe is too small while the other slipped on perfectly.

4. Bed Switch

This works best with your younger children who are heavy sleepers! In the middle of the night, switch two of your kids and put them in each other’s beds. When they wake up in the morning, they’ll be so confused and have no idea how they got there! It’s even funnier if you also pretend that you have no idea what happened.

5. Eating Mayo?

This one requires a little bit of work. When your mayo jar is empty, wash it out really well and refill it with yogurt! When the kids are lounging around, whip the jar out of the fridge and dig into the yogurt straight out of the mayo jar! They’ll be absolutely disgusted and think it’s hilarious that you’re eating mayo like a crazy person. 

No matter which of these pranks you choose to pull on your family, or even if you come up with one of your own, it’s important that everyone feels safe, loved, and that they can find humor in the pranks! No matter what, you know your family best, so make sure they get lots of laughs and no hurt feelings! Happy pranking!

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