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7 Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in School

It’s always an exciting time when school is back in session! The school season can be such a great change of pace from the summer. Although the new school year can be a hectic time for some, you’re never alone through this. Below are some fabulous tips for parents to have an awesome school year! […]

5 Tips for Before You Become a Foster Parent

While fostering can be a beyond beautiful and rewarding experience, that isn’t to say that it doesn’t come without its difficulties. To help prepare you for the obstacles you may encounter, we’ve developed a list of the top 5 things to keep in mind before you begin this journey.     Their trauma will affect […]

Five Good Reasons for Fostering

People consider becoming foster parents for a variety of different reasons. They aren’t able to have children themselves, their homes feel empty, or they simply want to make a difference in a child’s life.  There are, unfortunately, those who choose fostering for the wrong reasons. Whether it be for financial gain, help around the home, […]

Baking Cookies & Building Relationships

Have you ever thought about how many things go into making cookies? Take chocolate chip cookies, for example: Flour, baking soda, butter, 2 types of sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, and chocolate chips. So many ingredients go into making one perfect treat — and without one, the entire recipe falls apart.  Like a cookie, families need […]

Creating a Comfortable Space

The first step to creating a happy and healthy home for your new child is ensuring you have a comfortable, child-friendly space for them. There are certain household standards that must be met in order to qualify to become a resource family; we’ve put together a quick, easy guide to help you get started in […]

Bend So They Don’t Break

Flexibility and patience are two of the most valuable skills that anyone can have. This rings especially true for resource parents. Priorities shift from moment to moment, and a parent’s needs are almost always in the backseat. But what does this mean? Does it mean that you can’t take time to care for yourself? Certainly […]

Keeping Up and Not Falling Behind

We’ll have fun, fun, fun, now that summer is here! It’s time for all the summer adventures you could possibly imagine, from camping in the mountains, to swimming in the ocean, and… visiting the library? That’s right! A good book can be a passport to adventure when you let your imagination roam free. Take trips […]

New Summer Experiences

Summer is just around the corner and that means the kids are out of school and the pressure to entertain them is on. Don’t be overwhelmed by all of this new free time — this is the perfect opportunity to try out new experiences, interests, and activities for your family. Here are a few of […]

The Importance of Conversation

Working with children is not always an easy task, as each child has their own personality and story. To best communicate with a new child in your life and help them grow individually and socially, here are some tips for creating progressive, successful conversations within your home. Patience In any given situation, getting to know […]

3 Tips to A Balanced Meal, A Balanced Home

Each and every child is unique in their own ways, with different needs, different wants, and different overall habits. When it comes to taking care of a new child in your home, you will be presented with different learning curves that you must learn to understand, overcome, and learn from. One of the unexpected challenges […]

This is My Story

Watch here. This is My Story, but what does this mean to a prospective resource family or to an individual supporting this community. The first step towards providing help and aid for children in need is to understand the issues that are affecting them before they are placed into their individual resource families. This includes […]

Providing Your Child with Structure

For many children within the foster care system, navigating their own free time may have once been the norm. As they enter a new home, they not only are now facing new places and new people but new concepts and standards such as structure. In many cases, a lack of structure can be detrimental to […]

Preparing Your Expectations

You have chosen to open your home to a child in need. You are about to embark on an exciting journey that even with all your training and prep may still seem daunting. You went to the classes, you prepared your home, and even your heart, but still, you are anxious. In these situations, it […]

Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Foster Child

As a foster parent, your primary goal and responsibility is to provide a comforting and nurturing home for your child, to allow them to grow and develop in a positive direction. Successfully accomplishing this requires that you first and foremost build a strong foundational relationship with them that enables trust and reassurance. As this is […]

The Top Qualities for Foster Parenting

Becoming a foster parent is no simple decision — it requires extensive planning, discussion, and consideration with your partner, family, and loved ones before any steps should really be taken. When thinking about fostering a child, perhaps the most important thing to consider is the skills and traits necessary to possess for such a large […]

School Support for Foster Children

While academics can be difficult for any child, school can prove to be exceedingly burdensome for a child in foster care. Many foster kids move from home to home and consequently school to school across districts and cities. When you’re focused more on getting by on a day-to-day basis and adjusting to a new family, […]

How You Can Help Without Becoming a Foster Parent

Over 400,000 children live in foster care in the United States. While it may be difficult or impossible to become a foster parent yourself, there are still plenty of other ways you can contribute to helping the lives of thousands of kids. Provide Respite Care. Oftentimes foster children are left without homes for several days […]

Home for the Holidays

The holidays are a time of joy, celebration, and family. But for foster children, this doesn’t always come so easily. A new home with new traditions can be decidedly overwhelming for a child, especially if they come from a family where there was no sense of holiday joy or Christmas spirit. Whether this is your […]

10 Facts You May Have Not Known About Fostering

You don’t have to be a homeowner to foster. Having an apartment or rented space is perfectly acceptable for fostering as long as you have clean and comfortable conditions suitable for raising a child. Asking a foster child questions about their past can be harmful. Some children undergo extreme difficulties and trauma in their existing […]

Preparing Your Child for a Foster Sibling

Bringing a foster child into your home doesn’t go without an impact. Not only are you faced with new responsibilities and another life to nurture, but your children must accept the addition of a new sibling and the consequent lifestyle changes. It is therefore crucial to ensure their comfort and understanding of the situation as […]

A New Life, A New Lifestyle

Becoming a foster parent is a beautiful and noble thing. You are opening up your heart and home to a child in need and giving them the love and support they need to be healthy, happy, and successful. This requires putting a stranger’s needs before your own, and even changing your life for the sake […]

Discipline For Foster Children

You’ve decided to take on the fulfilling task of bringing a foster child into your home. You accounted for everything the child will need in your budget from clothing, food, extracurricular activities, etc., etc. One thing most new foster parents forget to account for is how will you administer discipline to your child in the […]

Being Single and a Foster Parent

So you’re thinking about being a foster parent, but you have some concerns about whether or not you can do a good job at it being a single person. You were inspired to check it out based on the fact that your friends seem to be thriving at it, but you also notice how tired […]

An Effective Foster Parent – Do you Have What It Takes to Become One?

Just being compassionate and wanting to help isn’t enough to be an effective foster parent or a good fit for the system. You must understand that many children come from difficult backgrounds and may be facing many struggles. As someone who wants to provide them guidance, you have to provide a structured environment but should […]

The Essence of Resource Families

Children have no control over their parents’ situation and deserve a safe, stable environment to live in. They need a place where they can be a kid while still having structure and support. Becoming a resource family can allow you to provide children in need with a loving home while they work toward reunification with […]

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