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A New Life, A New Lifestyle

Becoming a foster parent is a beautiful and noble thing. You are opening up your heart and home to a child in need and giving them the love and support they need to be healthy, happy, and successful. This requires putting a stranger’s needs before your own, and even changing your life for the sake of bettering someone else’s.

foster parent with kids

Your family dynamic

A new child is a big adjustment for the entire family. If you have your own children, they may feel confused or even jealous regarding this new addition. Not only will you be devoting time to this new child but taking extra time to address your own children’s needs and help them feel comfortable.

Your reactions

Every foster child comes with their own experiences and burdens and have often witnessed or suffered from abuse and neglect. This frequently leads to difficult behaviors and outbursts stemming from unsettled emotions and pain. Understanding their backgrounds and consequent behaviors and actions is crucial in handling these situations and helping them to heal without reacting negatively or getting frustrated.

Your time

Raising a foster child is a big time commitment. In addition to the basic day-to-day responsibilities you face with a child, you must also address appointments with social workers, and sometimes lawyers, counselors, therapists, or teachers. Foster children also require a stable environment, and creating a normal, easy schedule is extremely beneficial for their sake as well as your own.

Your emotions

Raising a child as your own creates a bond like no other. Children may be placed in your care for ranging periods of time, and some may be reunited with their families sooner than others. As a parent, you develop an attachment to this child and must be able to let them go when the time comes. Remember that no matter how long the child remained in your care, you left an unbelievable impact on their life and helped them more than you could ever imagine.

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