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Five Good Reasons for Fostering

Five Good Reasons for Fostering

People consider becoming foster parents for a variety of different reasons. They aren’t able to have children themselves, their homes feel empty, or they simply want to make a difference in a child’s life. 

There are, unfortunately, those who choose fostering for the wrong reasons. Whether it be for financial gain, help around the home, or other, unspeakable reasons, these individuals are only further taking away from these children’s futures, and defeating the entire purpose behind foster care.


If you or someone you know are interested in becoming a foster parent, consider the reasoning behind it. Is it for your own benefit or that of the child’s? Check out the following list of the right reasons for fostering and see if they apply to you.


  1.   You want to make a difference.

Foster parenting is a truly noble and selfless act when done with the right intentions. Not only are you providing a child with a second chance and a shot at a bright future, but you are helping an entire community. You are helping the child’s parents by giving them the time to make the necessary changes in their lives for their family. You are exemplifying what it takes to be a good parent and serving as a role model for others to follow. You are assisting in raising a responsible, contributing member of society who may grow up to achieve great things and make a difference themselves one day.


  1.   You did a good job parenting your own kids.

Oftentimes, parents choose to foster after having raised their own children. They know the best practices, the right way to instill discipline, how to best care for another person, and the logistics of having a child — and they want to do the same for someone else. Parenting is definitely no easy feat, even when raising your own biological children, so having skilled and seasoned parents who are willing to help other families is a true gift for the community.


  1.   You have the resources to help.

We all know how expensive it can be to raise a child. Not to mention, you need enough space for them to grow up comfortably and still maintain a sense of privacy within the home. And the most important things you need for a child? Plenty of love, warmth, and care. Those with adequate homes, sufficient funds, big hearts, and a desire to share these items are excellent candidates for foster parenting.


  1.   You’re not done being a parent.

Becoming an “empty nester” isn’t always easy. When you’ve spent 18+ years raising a child (or more depending on how many kids you’ve had), being a parent is just ingrained in your mind and losing that responsibility can feel devastating. You yearn to care for another person, providing them with basic necessities, life lessons, and everyday support. Bringing home a foster child allows you to fill that gap and continue parenting beyond just your own kids’ childhood. 


  1.   You want to share your own experiences. 

Everyone faces hardships throughout their lives. Some more than others. If a person has overcome extreme difficulties or similar instances of abuse, neglect, or loss, they may choose to help others overcome their struggles by sharing their own experiences and support. They understand the stress and hurdles that these children may be facing and make the altruistic choice to offer the guidance they once received or wished they had been given.

There are countless more good reasons to become a foster parent. Perhaps you simply realize the hardships these children face or the number of children in need and want to help as much as you can. When this choice is made out of unselfish reasons and conducted with an open heart, fostering can be a truly beautiful act.



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