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How To Celebrate June’s National Days With Your Kids

A new month is upon us, and you know what that means: we have another list of national holidays to spend with your kids this June! Every month, there’s always the opportunity to bond with your family in new ways that are fun for everyone. But what makes June special is the fact that school’s out, students get three months of vacation, and Mom and Dad can use their vacation days too.

Therefore, summer is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this time and Kamali’i wants to help you kick off the most fun season of the year!

(June 1) Global Day of Parents

Choosing to be a parent is a beautiful and life-changing commitment for both the parent and child. No matter how you came to be a parent, anyone who makes the choice to take on such an impactful position does so from a place of joy and gratitude.

Although this day is dedicated to parents, focus on making the day about family. At the heart of things, the reward of being a parent is being able to love a family and watch children grow up. What better way to celebrate Global Day of Parents than simply being with your special unit?

(June 3) World Bicycle Day

Take the bikes out of hibernation from the garage or teach your child how to ride one if they have yet to learn. Their first time pedaling makes for a wonderful memory just as much as their first time walking! While it’s comfy to relax on the couch, with air-conditioning circulating through the house as you watch a movie, take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air. Leisurely rolling down the neighborhood street or joining other families at the park for an afternoon bike ride will do wonders for everyone’s health too.

(June 5) World Environment Day

With climate change affecting the planet, it’s important to teach your kids to respect and take care of the world around them. Therefore, start small by educating them. Bring them to places of nature or introduce them to volunteer work where they can help clean up beaches and forests. You can even take them out to the zoo and point out how animals need to live in good environments too so they can also grow up. At home, introduce them to sustainable practices such as recycling and reducing the amount of trash they create. From then on, they will develop meaningful habits and begin to see every day as World Environment Day.

(June 7) National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Raise your hand if you’ve got a sweet tooth! If you need an excuse to indulge in sugary delights, National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is your day! Local fairs, amusement parks, and outdoor events will undoubtedly offer an assortment of chocolate ice cream desserts as a delicious, cool-down treat. We all scream for ice cream!

(June 12) National Loving Day

Love makes the world go round, and you can never get enough of it in life. Take this day to think about how to make your child feel loved in more ways than one. What are their love languages? Quality time may be good enough for them. More hugs, perhaps? Others want to hear positive affirmations such as “I love you” and even “I care for you and want to bring love in your life!”. No matter how you show love, what matters most is that it’s shown!

(June 17) National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Okay, maybe this isn’t exactly a day for celebration (for kids), but it’s an excuse to good-naturedly tease them into eating their vegetables! Invite them to cook meals with you. Find a nutrient-rich recipe that would be enjoyable for everyone to eat, bring out the aprons and oven mitts, and tell the kids to wash their hands twice. Not only are you bonding by cooking together, but you also get to reap the rewards of a family meal made from hard work and love. Yum!

(June 20) Father’s Day

We can’t forget the most important national holiday in June: Father’s Day! Whether Dad wants to stay in or go out, make sure you let him know he’s extra appreciated today. Make him a card, cook his favorite meal, or maybe even just spend the day relaxing alongside him. Or you can even revisit places where you’ve shared special memories and take a lot of photos while doing so. One of the best things to look back on in life is all its captured moments you shared.

(June 27) National Sunglasses Day

In honor of this unique holiday, rock some matching shades with the whole family. Every day in summer, the sun is blazing and shining–but be careful! Despite the warmth and brightness of a late morning or early afternoon, the sun still exposes us to harmful UV rays. Therefore, when you’re at the beach and having fun outside, make sure that everyone’s eyes are protected just as much as their skin is slathered in sunscreen.

(June 29) Hug Holiday

You can never have enough hugs, especially when a child’s love language is physical touch. Hugs not only feel comforting, they’re beneficial for your health too! They lower stress, release oxytocin–the bonding hormone, and boost your overall mood. Therefore, the next time someone in the family needs a pick-me-up or you simply want to show your love through action, wrap them up in your arms and press them against your heart.

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