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How You Can Help Without Becoming a Foster Parent

Women mentoring a foster child

Over 400,000 children live in foster care in the United States. While it may be difficult or impossible to become a foster parent yourself, there are still plenty of other ways you can contribute to helping the lives of thousands of kids.

Provide Respite Care.

Oftentimes foster children are left without homes for several days at a time during transition periods in which they sleep on the floors of social workers’ offices. Respite care is essentially the same concept as babysitting, whereby you care for a foster child until a more permanent home is found for them. By offering this care, you provide a child with a home, a bed, and comfort to help them during this trying time.

Support a family.

Fostering a child can be decidedly overwhelming. From court appointments to school meetings, caseworker visits, and counseling, performing day to day activities can become difficult to manage for many foster parents. Offering a helping hand by assisting with groceries, transportation, chores, or even just moral support can make a substantial difference in not only the lives of the parents but the children as well.

Mentor a foster child.

Imagine being a young and confused child, required to attend court appointments where the fate of your reunion with your parents rests on what you say. Now imagine if you had someone there to support you. By becoming a mentor, you can provide comfort, friendship, and peace of mind for a foster child going through the court system, while speaking up for their best interests.


As is with any child, adding a new member to your family can be quite costly. Kids require clothes, school supplies, food, comfort items, and simple basic necessities. Many foster children are placed into care with almost nothing, removed from homes with very little possessions of their own. You can help to support a family by donating gifts, clothes, toys, food, or even money. When you donate to Kamali’i, you can rest assured that your contribution is, in fact, going towards supporting families to better the lives of foster youth.

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