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Kamali’i Kid’s Club

Children at Kamali'i kid's club

Summer is one of the best times of the year for many reasons: the sun is always shining, school is out, and all that’s left on a to-do list is to have fun in the fresh air! Although classes are put on pause for three months, summer can also enrich children and improve their overall well-being.

Therefore, the whole family can participate in the Kamali’i Kid’s Club, a wellness camp designed to encourage bonding between families as they engage in activities that positively impact both their physical and mental health–all while having fun!


As one of the foster agencies in Riverside, California, The Kamali’i Kid’s Club is our yearly summer program for all ages. This program promotes and nurtures the well-being of children and their families through three main wellness activities every Wednesday in July: fitness, reading, and crafting.

You never have to work about experiencing any “summer slide” or boredom in the summer with this Riverside County foster care wellness camp keeping everyone busy. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend more time with your children and make more memories together!


Did you know only 26% of children between the ages of 6-17 get 60 minutes of exercise in a day! Therefore, keep it moving–that’s our philosophy on exercise! To kick off the summer, the Fitness Club encourages families to boost their endorphins with physical activity and teamwork. This can be in the form of a high-energy sport such as soccer or a relaxing hike in nature, where the family can stroll and have easy conversations under the shade of trees. Evidently, the benefits of exercise are never-ending as well: your bones get stronger, stress is reduced, you feel more energy, and you prepare your body for long-term health by consistently taking care of yourself with exercise.


To read or not to read–that is the question. Did you know that foster youth on average fall behind twice as much as other children in reading comprehension? To combat this, the Reading Club encourages participating youth to make a summer reading goal for themselves and keep track of all the books they read. With our extensive library of books at the ready, your child is sure to find a story they will come to love and enjoy. Furthermore, not reading enough can impact a child’s ability to earn a diploma in high school and/or college! But reading 4 to 6 books within three months has enough power to prevent that. What’s more, reading stories naturally expands a child’s world, introduces them to experiences they’ve never had as well as people with backgrounds different from their own–even if those stories are set in fantasy worlds! Literature is a tool for open-mindedness and empathy, as well as a sanctuary for cultivating one’s imagination. Children can’t learn all that from relaxing with a screen all day.


Last but not least, the Craft Club nourishes a child’s inner artists and creative spark. The Craft Club offers numerous options for homemade craft ideas–from painting, drawing, and papercrafts, to name a few! Whether your child is making something for you or you’re collaborating on a craft together, handmade crafts will reduce the stress of everyone involved and build confidence in the ability to create a piece of art from scratch. No worries if things get a little messy! There’s more happiness and fun to go around! A simple action such as creating a craft can have a big impact on a child’s life. It’s a grounding activity that helps children focus on the present moment, provides comfort, and gives them a calming hobby they can turn to whenever they want or need to relax. Whenever you’re crafting something with your hands, you can’t help but be careful and patient with yourself in making it come to life. Whether it’s a painting of the sea or a fluffy knitted scarf, your child will always have a reminder of what they created and can share with others.


Childhood, especially during the summertime, should be a time in everyone’s life that is only full of happiness, memories, and endless laughter that they go back to school with their cheeks hurting from how much they smiled.

At the end of the day, Kamali’i does everything in our power to give children fun and meaningful summers. We ultimately hope that these activities and their experiences will translate positively into them incorporating wellness into their daily lives and adulthood.

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