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New Summer Experiences

New Summer Experiences

Summer is just around the corner and that means the kids are out of school and the pressure to entertain them is on. Don’t be overwhelmed by all of this new free time — this is the perfect opportunity to try out new experiences, interests, and activities for your family. Here are a few of our suggestions to make this summer the best one yet for your home.


Learning New Skills

Stop the complaints of “I’m bored” before they even happen. Summer is the perfect opportunity to find something new to enjoy. Adopting and learning new skills can be extremely fulfilling for just about anyone, and is especially beneficial for fostering a new sense of confidence in the children in your home. Participating in art or acting classes, picking up knitting, or taking part in a community sports league are just a few excellent ways for your child to get involved and discover new hobbies while creating purpose and utilizing time in a progressive, constructive manner.


Backyard Camping

During the summer, there can be what feels like a huge demand for a vacation. This may not always be possible, however, due to time, finances, or other details surrounding your resource family’s situation. But what’s stopping you from a “staycation?” Instead of traveling somewhere, you could orchestrate a backyard camping trip, complete with a tent set up under the stars. Make your home the adventure of the year by building a fort in the living room, creating oven baked smores, or “fishing” for prizes out of a plastic pool or tub.


Community Highlights  

Most communities offer free or discounted summer specials. This means you can explore your local museums, parks, or nature preserves, or catch some outdoor movies and music without having to break your budget. Look into what your community is offering and expand the scope of your family activities. You may be pleasantly surprised to find what your children are interested in and how much their minds expand from these new experiences.


Hobbies to Share

Summer is a great time to really get to know your family, and for them to get to know you too. Use this season to find out what hobbies and interests you have in common with your kids to bond over and take part in together. If you find that your kids love reading, take them to the library and show them your favorite books from when you were their age. This shows them that you care about the things that they love and truly value their interests. Additionally, there may be some hobbies of yours that your children may not have discovered yet; use this summer to share these with them and help them find their own new interests. If you love hiking, for example, take them on your favorite, kid-friendly path the next time you plan a trip. If you love painting, set them up with their own easel and paints and have them create alongside you. There’s no promise that they will love all the same things that you do, but it will show the child that you value sharing experiences with them.


The summer may seem endless at first, but the days will pass by quickly. Don’t forget to take in all the moments you share with your children, no matter what type of experiences you choose. The adventure is wherever your family is, so gear up for a successful summer!

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