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Positive Affirmations to Tell Your Child

Resource Parent holding foster child

You can never show your children enough love as a parent, and one of the best ways to show it is by giving them positive affirmations. Words are powerful: they significantly impact anyone’s self-esteem, self-image, and overall well-being–especially during childhood. They also shape the narratives we come to believe about ourselves. Words have the power to affect our abilities to face challenges with resilience, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and encourage us to challenge negative thoughts that hold us back from accomplishing our goals. 

These thoughts and perceptions begin with you: the parent. 

Encourage your kids to succeed before they have the chance to doubt themselves.  Teach them to become less resistant to imperfections and embrace them with acceptance. Always remind them that they’re loved and cherished, and validate their growth and identity when you welcome them into your home after coming from their local foster care agencies. 

Think back to your childhood. Were there affirmations you wanted to be repeated to you more often? From that foundation, you can think of similar affirmations for your child. What unique things do you notice about them that can be acknowledged? 

“I love you.”

The most important positive affirmation you can say to your child is “I love you”. Those three words carry the promise to love them unconditionally, and doing so will never waver even against the test of time–especially being adopted from a foster family agency. Your child knows they’re loved, but reminding them more than once every now and again will only strengthen your relationship. Not only will they feel loved by you, but they will come to believe they are worthy of receiving from others, including themselves. 

“I trust you.”

As children grow up, they learn to take responsibility for their actions and develop an awareness of those impacts on everyone around them. By telling them you trust them, you’re enforcing in their minds that they are capable individuals who make meaningful decisions and are capable of taking care of themselves, and eventually, others.

“I won’t judge you.”

We want to be accepted by those around us: family, friends, and peers. Build your child up by encouraging them to explore how they can best express themselves, embrace their unique qualities and talents, and assure them that no matter what they do, as long as it does not harm themselves or others, you will not judge them. No one wants to feel insecure in their own skin, and it’s difficult not to judge ourselves when we’re developing as a child. Remind your child that they never have to worry about you thinking negatively of themselves. 

“I’m proud of you.”

Everyone wants to be acknowledged for their accomplishments and victories, no matter how big or small. Motivate your children to continue striving to be the best person they can be by telling them that they are inspired by the efforts they put into their goals and can’t wait to see what they hope to achieve next. To be ignored or not acknowledged for your accomplishments is devastating because it makes you feel that putting in all that effort didn’t have any real value or was worth your time in the end. 

“You are valid.”

It’s natural for us to second guess ourselves, our feelings, and our thoughts in fear of being wrong or misjudged. No one is more valuable than another; we are all equal despite our different experiences and perspectives. It’s easy to discredit ourselves and our experiences when it seems that no one around us is going through the exact circumstances. The truth, however, is that no one experience is the same as another; but it is in those differences that make each one valuable and not any less than another. 

“It’s okay to make mistakes.”

Remind your child that they’re human beings just like you and everyone else around them. While things would be easier if we were perfect all the time, it’s not reality–and won’t ever be one, and that’s okay. Without mistakes, we wouldn’t grow as people, understand how we can better treat one another and ourselves,  nor truly appreciate life. 

“You are good enough.”

Last but not least, tell your child that they’re good enough just because they simply exist–because it’s true. 

At the end of the day, don’t assume that your child is aware of how much you love them or already perceive themselves as valuable without question. They’re still developing as people, becoming comfortable in their own skin and understanding how they are stronger, more capable, and resilient than they think. 

Most of all, the positive affirmations you tell them will become the foundational narratives they tell themselves throughout life. In fact, they’re one of the key tools to add to your family prospective resources. Remember: a parent is the first voice in a child’s head that impacts their self-esteem and self-perceptions.

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