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School Support for Foster Children

Girl learning in school

While academics can be difficult for any child, school can prove to be exceedingly burdensome for a child in foster care. Many foster kids move from home to home and consequently school to school across districts and cities. When you’re focused more on getting by on a day-to-day basis and adjusting to a new family, it becomes difficult to focus on classroom instruction and curriculum. If your foster child is struggling in school, here are several ways you can step in to support them.

Stay in Touch

Providing your contact information to your child’s teachers, counselors, and school administrators allows them to reach you in the case of any emergency or concerning situation and allows you to remain more involved with their daily schedule even when you’re not with them. You can request progress updates on your child’s performance directly from the source, and work with their teachers to support them as much as possible.

Provide Updates

Letting your child’s teacher know about what’s going on at home can help them provide more suitable help in the classroom, as they will understand the reasoning behind your child’s behaviors and act accordingly and sympathetically.

Help with Homework

If your child is struggling with their schoolwork, sitting down with them at home and offering instructions, tutoring, and even motivational support can do wonders in helping them academically. Your child will feel more confident and comfortable with their studies and take a greater responsibility for their work.

Provide Encouragement

Foster children often face a lack of concern for academics due to a higher focus placed on understanding their living situations. Encouraging your child to pay attention in school, aim for good grades, and participate in extracurriculars can motivate them to feel and do better when it comes to school.

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