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Show Your Foster Kids Some Extra Love This Valentine’s Day

Resource Parent Holding Foster BabyValentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your children a little extra love! Whether it’s your biological or your foster children, they could all benefit from a sweet gift, some quality time, extra cuddles, or an extra “I love you” before bedtime! Here are a few sweet ideas on how to make sure your children feel the love this Valentine’s Day, based on the five love languages! Not sure which love language applies to your child? We’ll help you figure that out! 

1. Quality Time

“Watch this mommy!” “Play with me!”… sound like your kid? Their love language may be quality time, and they will be in heaven when given your undivided attention. An extra hour of playing together, or just a few minutes of true quality time doing an activity of your child’s choice will be the equivalent of shouting “I LOVE YOU” from the highest rooftop. These types of kids feel the most valued when you choose to spend time with them. 

2. Words of Affirmation

“You’re the best ever” “You’re my favorite”. If this sounds like your child, their love language may be words of affirmation. Little notes in their lunch box, texts, and even a bracelet with something like “my hero” printed on it can mean the world to these kids. Children who value words of affirmation are often sweethearts with great listening skills and feel valued when you take the time to truly listen to them and tell them how much they are loved. 

3. Physical Touch

“Let’s cuddle!” “Chase me!”… It sounds like you have a kid who’s love language is physical touch. If your children are constantly in your space, touching you, or playing with your hair, that’s a signal that they show their love through touch. Your child feels the most loved and valued with physical expressions of love, like hugs and kisses, holding hands while you walk, extra cuddle time, or even tickle time. 

4. Gifts

If you know children, you know that they are constantly asking for things, and they go through a stage of “I want!”. If your child expresses their love to you through handmade art, drawings, cool rocks they found outside, and other random “made me think of you” things, their love language may be gifts. Your child sees a gift as a symbol of your love, but to them, a gift could be anything from a colorful flower to something in their new favorite color. 

5. Acts of Service

If you hear “do it for me!” every 10 minutes, that’s a telltale sign that your child receives love best through acts of service. Acts of service are the most peculiar-sounding love language, but kids who speak it appreciate thoughtful gestures. Children who receive love in this way may beg you to tie their shoes, fix a broken toy, or fluff their pillow. The possibilities are endless and could be anything from throwing their clothes into the dryer while they’re in the shower to surprising them with their favorite dinner. 

Not sure if your child fits into only one of these love languages? Do some research and observe them a little bit more! No matter what, your kids will feel loved however you choose to love them. Have a fun and safe Valentine’s Day, sending you love from the Kamali’i family! 

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