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The 2020 Gift Guide for Confused Parents

Holiday presents

Gift giving can be hard! Especially for older kids who want more than just toys, and we don’t even want to get started on buying gifts for teenagers. If you’re completely lost on what to get your kids this holiday season, here is our guide to the trendiest gifts of 2020.

Children 0-6 yrs

Indoor Play Houses
If you live in colder weather climates or don’t have much of a backyard, indoor play houses can be a lifesaver. Cute food truck sets like this one from amazon are perfect for the kiddos who love the ice cream truck, and they also make sets like kitchens and tiny houses.

Baby Shark Song Cubes
If your kid is still obsessed with baby shark, we have the ultimate solution to get them off of your phone. These Baby Shark Song Cubes come in all the colors seen in the video and play the adorably annoying song when you squeeze them.

Song Tablet
If you feel that your child is too young for a real tablet, this adorable song tablet is the perfect solution for keeping them busy during long car rides.

Magnetic Wooden Blocks
Regular wooden blocks can be difficult to manage with younger children who are still developing fine motor skills. These magnetic wooden blocks offer the same fun activity in an easier and more accessible format for the young ones.

Children 7-11 yrs

LOL Surprise Dolls
LOL Surprise Dolls are all the rage with kids of this age. These adorable and diverse line of dolls come with super fashionable hats, fun hair, and interchangeable outfits.

Play-Doh Slime
Slime seems like a trend that will never go away. This fun Play-Doh set comes with 6 different textured Play-Dohs, each in a different color. Slime obsessed kids will love this set, and you’ll love that you don’t have to keep buying new contact solution.

While this may cause some sibling fights, kids love NERF Guns, and this NERF Collaboration with Fortnite is sure to win over any tween.

Mini Brands
This adorable present is a fun surprise! This small ball splits into five sections, and each section holds a mini household item. These are perfect for kids who love playing with dolls, or craftier kids who make jewelry out of them!

Children 12+

LED Light Strips
Almost every kid who has a TikTok account dreams of decorating their room with these LED Light Strips. They are easy to apply to the wall and easy to remove, and light up any and every color of the rainbow. Your teen will love these and you’ll gain some cool points in the parent book.

Another gift inspired by TikTok, these fluffy and super soft plush toys are extremely on trend. Get them directly from the Squishmallow website, or from stores like Target and Walmart!

Trendy Shoes
Teenagers are obsessed with shoes these days. If you’re dealing with a sneakerhead, a pair of trendy shoes are the ultimate Christmas gift! Try Nike, Converse, or Vans, depending on your teen’s personal style.

Disposable Camera/Polaroid
This is the most sentimental gift for your young adult, and something that they will cherish as they get older. Disposable cameras and polaroids are very trendy among this age group, and it allows them to capture memories in school, with friends, and with family. The pictures can be developed so they can keep them forever, and have memories to look back on.

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