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This is My Story

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This is My Story, but what does this mean to a prospective resource family or to an individual supporting this community.

The first step towards providing help and aid for children in need is to understand the issues that are affecting them before they are placed into their individual resource families. This includes the types of hardships they face, their odds of finding safety and comfort, and what the statistics for those issues look like.


Within the United States, there are approximately 415,000 children in foster care on any given day; each of these children has faced their own unique path in life that has unfortunately brought them to the challenges they face today.

In many cases, the homes these children are departing from are dangerous, unsafe, and prone to exceedingly traumatic experiences. They may have been exposed to physical, sexual, and verbal abuse, violence, neglect, addiction, poor living environments, and much more.

According to statistics, 79% of the children killed as a result of abuse are younger than 4 years old; those children that are removed from abusive or unsafe homes are done so in hopes of saving them from this potential risk. By removing these kids and placing them into safe resource homes they are given one step closer towards a better life.

Although being removed from these situations is a healthy step forward for these children, it is not always an easy experience for those involved. Any child who enters the system may be even further traumatized, as they are often separated from their siblings and essentially all they have known and consider comfortable and familiar.

This new separation may make it harder for these children to adjust and feel settled and safe in their new resource homes. Because of this, it is important to let them express their feelings about this how they choose. Encourage them to speak up about their memories with their siblings and loved ones, and remind them that each and every relationship they share is valid and important.

In addition to the everyday challenges that these children face, their futures may be something of fear, stress, and worry for them. In fact, 50% of former foster youth will be homeless during their first two years after exiting foster care, as they are left with no prospects upon coming of age. One of the primary goals of a resource family is thus to avoid this fate.

With the help of a resource family, children in need are able to find the support and skills required to guide them towards constructive lives with the right launch pad. By becoming a resource parent, you can help change a child’s future and give them another chance at a successful future. Consider opening up your home or making a donation to support our program.


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